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school buses traveling down rural road

Study of Experiences and Needs of REAP Grantees

This descriptive study of the Rural Education Achievement Program, involving approximately 6,000 grantees across the country, will help inform discussions about program reauthorization.

SRI is conducting a descriptive study of the U.S. Department of Education’s Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP), which is designed support rural school districts given their unique needs and challenges. The analysis will explore the REAP program’s two components: the Rural and Low-Income School program, and the Small, Rural School Achievement program. The mixed-methods study involves

  • A representative survey of about 1,000 of the approximately 6,000 REAP grantees and subgrantees across the country
  • Interviews with 30 district REAP coordinators
  • Interviews with the state REAP coordinators of all 48 states with districts receiving REAP funds

The analysis will ultimately help the REAP program office gain a better understanding of how grantees and subgrantees use REAP funds, assess how the Department of Education can improve the program and provide needed technical assistance, and inform discussions about program reauthorization.

Principal Investigator: Kyra Caspary
Project Director: Rebecca Schmidt