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Study of Implementation and Early Outcomes of Educator Evaluation in Massachusetts

Since 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) has contracted with SRI International and its research partners, Abt Associates, Nancy Brigham Associates, and Julia Koppich and Associates to conduct an independent evaluation of the implementation of the Commonwealth’s new educator evaluation system. The study is one component of SRI’s overall evaluation of the state’s efforts to reform human capital management systems.

The purpose of our research is to provide the Commonwealth and districts with real-time, usable feedback to support implementation of the evaluation system. To achieve this goal, the study team is examining educator experiences with the five-step cycle, perceptions of the new system, and integration of the system with other district and state initiatives. The study has used multiple methods to collect information about educators’ experiences and perceptions including in-depth case studies of select districts; teacher focus groups; statewide teacher and principal surveys; and an analysis of educator evaluation files. This work has resulted in targeted formative feedback to ESE through internal memos, feedback to case study districts, and two publicly available research briefs. ESE’s responses to the study findings can be found on ESE’s website.

In the next phase of the study, our research objectives are to identify and disseminate examples of successful implementation strategies as well as continue to collect information about educators’ experiences with and perceptions of particular features of the evaluation system. During the 2014–15 school year, part of our research will focus on three specific components of educator evaluation:

  • Calibration of evaluator practices
  • Implementation of district-determined measures (DDMs)
  • District use of evaluation data for decisions about recruitment, hiring, retention, and professional development

Data collection in this next phase involves: in-depth case studies of educator evaluation implementation in eight districts; telephone interviews with key district personnel; collection of artifacts of evaluation-related practices, materials, and tools to illustrate and share examples of what districts are accomplishing; statewide surveys of a sample of teachers and principals; and a review of educator evaluation files in a sample of districts.

Principal Investigator: Dan Humphrey

Project Director: Roneeta Guha