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Study of Renaissance Fund-Supported Schools

SRI evaluated the impact of an initiative to create more high-quality educational options across Chicago.

The Renaissance 2010 initiative in Chicago called for the closure of chronically underperforming schools and the creation of 100 new and more effective schools by 2010. Through a diversity of school types and governance structures, Renaissance 2010 strove to create a more vibrant market, broadening choice for parents and students, increasing competition among educators, and consequently establishing a more diversified, responsive, and effective system of schools within the Chicago Public Schools.

The Renaissance Schools Fund (RSF) provided supplemental start-up and early implementation funding for a subset of Renaissance 2010 schools, most of which were charter schools. SRI, in conjunction with the Consortium on Chicago School Research, evaluated the implementation and impact of the Renaissance 2010 schools sponsored by the RSF.

The research focused on implementation and student outcomes in the RSF schools, identifying the instructional and organizational successes and challenges in implementing the schools and assessing the academic performance of their students.

The team used quantitative and qualitative methods, including

  • A demographic analysis of students in RSF-supported schools compared with other Chicago Public School students
  • Student achievement analyses using propensity score matching to isolate school effects on students in RSF-supported schools compared with similar Chicago Public School students over time
  • Case studies of the implementation of various school models that opened under RSF support