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Example of a digital math activity used by students

SunBay Digital Mathematics

SRI is replacing traditional middle school mathematics units with a set of “peak experiences” that provide a more engaging and meaningful way to interact with the subject.

The Common Core requires that middle school students learn more complex mathematics more deeply than ever before. The SunBay Digital Mathematics project builds on SRI's history of embedding educationally effective dynamic representations in curriculum units designed to teach complex mathematics more effectively than using traditional methods.

The SunBay project is a multiyear validation effort aimed at aiding two large school districts in the state of Florida in adopting, as a sustainable and integral part of middle school mathematics education, SRI materials that are based on the use of such dynamic mathematical representations. The project is building local capacity to support the program and designing teacher professional development and district rollout plans to increase sustained use in the district.

This $12M project is currently engaged in a "gold standard" randomized control trial to determine the effectiveness of the program.