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R&D Projects

In a nuclear or radiological incident, first responders must quickly measure the radiation exposure of a large number of individuals, since treatment options are radiation dose-dependent and time-sensitive. SRI is developing a biodosimeter to meet this critical challenge.
SRI’s Brown Laboratory is utilizing cell-targeting peptides to deliver active therapeutic cargo to specific cells in vivo.
Researchers are seeking to identify novel genes contributing to nicotine metabolism and to smoking cessation.
SRI is developing a novel point-of-care tool for the early detection of devastating diseases.
SRI’s Brown Laboratory is using selected peptides as “fishing hooks” to identify novel cell surface features.
SRI is enabling and improving metabolomics research with high-quality reference standards.
This project could advance drug abuse prevention and intervention research by identifying Genetic x Environment (GxE) interactions, which may help explain the development of nicotine dependence. Results may guide development of tailored interventions.
SRI's Brown Laboratory is taking multiple approaches to develop effective anti-cancer immunotherapies.
Using synthetic lethality to ID biomarkers for targeted anti-cancer drugs.