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R&D Projects

DARPA taps SRI to deliver usable video and analytics to U.S. Armed Forces when and where they need it.
SRI is developing a next-generation artificial intelligence system that applies continuous learning to become better and more reliable at performing new tasks.
SRI is developing a novel search technology to quickly find events of interest in very large video collections.
FLASK provides a fast annotation and machine learning based classification capability to tackle the challenges users face that have little to no annotation data available to train a neural network.
SRI’s mixed reality training system provides comprehensive mission rehearsal tools to improve warfighter training.
SRI is developing a system for the semi-automated geolocalization of metadata-free images and videos to find a location of interest.
SRI’s vision-based systems enable safe operations of moving unmanned ground vehicles around stationary and moving people in urban or cluttered environments.
SRI is finding new ways to detect altered and tampered video.
SRI is developing a prototype system to automatically detect and track multiple individuals in a crowd.
SRI’s visual intelligence system could enable a new era in unmanned robotic surveillance.