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R&D Projects

Modifications by SRI enhance function and durability of affordable purification material.
An SRI-led team is improving a new two-step process for the production of transportation fuels from microalgae.
SRI's process produces pure hydrogen while capturing carbon dioxide and acid gases.
SRI is developing a safe, low-pressure, conformable natural gas tank for light-duty vehicles.
DIGS engages students in looking at real data about climate change to differentiate between possible greenhouse gas and urban heat island impacts.
DIGERS provided teachers with adaptable curricular exemplars about environmental restoration.
SRI provides user-friendly access to key types of Earth system data relevant to the study of climate, as well as background resources.
SRI’s carbon capture system can make economic sense today at facilities that produce and consume carbon dioxide.
SRI’s hollow fiber membrane separates hydrogen from carbon dioxide at high temperatures and improves the economics of carbon capture from IGCC plants.
SRI’s mixed salt process uses known solvents in a new way to dramatically improve the economics of carbon capture.
SRI developed a national strategy for Saudi Arabia's long-term science and technology plan.
SRI is developing the next generation of online learning tools to meet the needs of a changing workforce.
SRI is developing a system to manage a person's heating and cooling individually, saving energy by not overheating or overcooling areas within a building where the person is not present.
SRI is co-developing a system for cooling water discharge ponds at thermoelectric power plants.
STORE uses Google Earth to help students investigate projected climate changes in their own areas.