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R&D Projects

DARPA taps SRI to deliver usable video and analytics to U.S. Armed Forces when and where they need it.
SRI is developing a novel search technology to quickly find events of interest in very large video collections.
SRI is creating technology to translate multiple foreign languages in all genres, retrieve information from translated material, and enable bilingual communication via speech or text.
To keep astronauts, equipment, and satellites out of harm’s way, SRI provides a rare capability to quickly track tens of thousands of objects in near-Earth space.
SRI and partners are developing new tools to extract better meaning and actionable analysis from data sources.
SRI is developing a system for the semi-automated geolocalization of metadata-free images and videos to find a location of interest.
Using advanced privacy technologies to enable informed and controlled information sharing.
SRI is developing a decision support tool to help analysts forecast and understand the plausible effects of actions taken within complex socio-cultural environments.
To meet an important military challenge, SRI is designing a sensor system that can disappear on command.