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R&D Projects

Volunteers wanted for study on alcohol’s effects
Lack of sleep can lead to a range of cognitive, attention, and emotional deficits. SRI and its partner have made a thorough study of its effects on the brain.
SRI is investigating novel methods and treatments to improve cognitive deficits caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and depression.
SRI takes an integrated approach to understand the systems that control sleep and wakefulness.
New study looking for participants with Restless legs syndrome.
This project could advance drug abuse prevention and intervention research by identifying Genetic x Environment (GxE) interactions, which may help explain the development of nicotine dependence. Results may guide development of tailored interventions.
Sleep complaints are common during the transition to menopause, yet we have little understanding of what drives this increase in sleep disturbance and how best to treat it. SRI researchers are investigating sleep quality in women who have begun to go through menopause.
SRI sleep researchers are working to discover and develop new treatments for narcoleptic patients.