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gamers looking at computer screens with a virtual scene on wall behind them

VERUS: Virtual Environments Real User Study

SRI uses virtual gaming environments to research online behavior across cultures.

SRI is exploring online gaming systems and virtual environments to better understand links between online gamers and their real-world activities, and to understand their avatars' group dynamics within virtual worlds. The research goals go well beyond enhancing the entertainment value of online games. The work will also help enhance virtual environments for teaching and learning, professional training, and collaboration.

VERUS is one of the first coordinated investigations of virtual-world behaviors and real-world users being conducted across different cultures. In a partnership with universities in Canada and the United Kingdom, volunteers are invited to visit SRI's laboratories at multiple international locations and play online games.

SRI's multidisciplinary team of international researchers has extensive knowledge of online gaming worlds, combined with expertise in experimental economics, social and behavioral sciences, education research, linguistics, cognitive engineering, and artificial intelligence. The study's findings should significantly enhance SRI's capabilities in the study and use of virtual worlds, especially for client projects in education, simulation, and training.