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Assessments for Computational Thinking in K-12

May, 2015


Grover, S., Bienkowski, M., & Snow, E. (2015, 4-7 March). Assessments for computational thinking in K-12. Paper presented at the ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE'15), Kansas City, MO.


As K-12 educators move to introduce computing curricula, the issue of assessing student learning of computational concepts remains largely unresolved. This is central, however, if the goal is to help students develop deeper, transferable computational thinking (CT) skills that prepare them for success in future computing experiences. This paper argues for the need for multiple measures or “systems of assessments” that are complementary, attend to cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of CT, and contribute to a comprehensive picture of student learning. It also describes the multiple forms of assessments used in a middle school computing curriculum, including formative assessments such as multiple-choice quizzes, and directed as well as open-ended programming assignments, and summative assessments to measure growth and transfer of CT. 

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