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Taking Stock of the California Linked Learning District Initiative: Fourth-Year Evaluation Report Executive Summary

February, 2014

New results from an ongoing, rigorous evaluation of the Linked Learning District Initiative show significant gains in student outcomes. Compared with similar peers, students participating in certified Linked Learning pathways earn more credits in the first two years of high school, are more likely to be on track with the a-g credits they need for college eligibility, and report greater confidence in their life and career skills. These results, as well as lessons learned based on a multi-year evaluation conducted by SRI International, are available in this new research report.

Technical Report

Guha, R., Adelman, N., Arshan, N., Bland, J., Caspary, K., Padilla, C., Patel, D., Tse, V., Black, A., & Biscocho, F. (2014). Taking stock of the California Linked Learning District Initiative: Fourth-year evaluation report executive summary. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.

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