Our Organization

SRI is organized around broad disciplines and capabilities. All groups share SRI's drive to solve important, difficult challenges. SRI's teams transform ideas into reality for clients and partners.

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Engineering & Systems Group

Strategic intelligence and information retrieval solutions for government and industry, plus software development and deployment services to support R&D and commercialization programs.

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Research-based analysis and evaluation of programs to identify trends, understand outcomes, and guide policy and practice.

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SRI's Dish, a radio antenna facility
Engineering & Systems Group

From the oceans to the outer reaches of space, work spans basic research, applied R&D, and systems integration to advance scientific knowledge and meet practical client needs.

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SRI researcher working with a robotic device

Research to understand the computational principles underlying intelligence in humans and machines, and R&D of computer-based systems that solve problems.

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solar panels

Diverse expertise to meet client needs from fundamental research and laboratory experiments to pilot-scale testing, systems development, and product commercialization.

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military video surveillance
Engineering & Systems Group

Meeting demanding government and commercial client needs through advanced product engineering and design, systems deployment, and instrumented training solutions.

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Access SRI's innovation best practices to create new value for your organization and customers.

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To bring new high-value products and services to market, SRI creates new spin-offs and licenses its intellectual property.

An iPhone showing the Siri prompt "What can I help you with?"

SRI has launched more than 60 spin-offs.

scientist in the Wafer Foundry

SRI has a variety of laboratories, equipment, and sites to support sophisticated R&D programs.