SRI's staff is widely published and often cited in journals and conference proceedings. Some reports created for clients are also available. Some of our publications are available here for free download in PDF format. Browse, search, or take a look at our featured and recent publications below.

Recent SRI Publications

Jul, 2015 By AM Prantner, Marc Turini, Brigitte Kerfelec, S Joshi, Daniel Baty, Patrick Chames & Nathalie Scholler
May, 2015 By H Schaffhauser, Eric Prinssen, Michael Honer, TM Ballard, Tanya Wallace, J Petersen, L Gobbi, A Nilly, Thomas Hartung, Alvarez Sanchez, Edilio Borroni, J. W Wettstein & A Flohr
May, 2015 By Andrew E. Krumm, Cynthia M. D'Angelo, Tim Podkul, Mingyu Feng, Hiroyuki Yamada, Rachel Beattie, Heather Hough & Chris Thorn