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In the news November 25, 2019

Tiny alterations in training data can introduce “backdoors” into machine learning models

Advanced imaging systems

National security

SRI hardens next-generation technologies to bolster defense and help safeguard national security. We deliver systems, hardware and software that people must rely on under the toughest conditions.


Grit Denker

...Heydt, Richard P.; Prahlad, Harsha; Aukes, Daniel M.; van Dyk, Karl D.; Mangus, Geoffery A. 13/158122 10-Jun-2011 6434-2 ADAPTABLE ACTUATED INPUT DEVICE WITH INTEGRATED PROXIMITY DETECTION Senanayake, Rukman; Denker, Grit;...

Article 2014

Polymer-Based Flexible Visuo-Haptic Display

We report a flexible visuo-haptic display that allows for interactive haptic feedback on the visual display. The visuo-haptic display is fabricated by integrating a dielectric elastomer (DE) based thin film...

Article 2014

Optimal Metabolic Route Search Based on Atom Mappings

...using the menu command [Graphic] RouteSearch and by downloading Pathway Tools. Pathway Tools software is freely available to academic users, and for a fee to commercial users. Download from:

Article 2014

Efficiently Gap-Filling Reaction Networks

...FastGapFilling in MetaFlux as part of Pathway Tools (version 17.5), which is freely available to academic users, and for a fee to commercial users. Download from: Conclusions The computational...

Conference Paper 2013

Flexible Visuo-Haptic Display

Conference Paper 1998

Information extraction from HTML: application of a general machine learning approach

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC

Conference Paper 1997


This paper presents a speech-enabled WWW demonstration based on the Air Travel Information System (ATIS) domain. SRI’s speech recognition technology and natural language understanding are fully integrated in a Java...

Conference Paper 1995

Adapting CLIM Applications for Use on the World Wide Web

...the local host window system and generates graphical displays appropriate to each type of object. The results can be seen at URL Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC...

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