Next-generation drugs, diagnostics, and technologies to solve urgent medical needs

SRI Biosciences develops transformative approaches and platforms for challenging therapeutic problems. We conduct basic and translational research, have the breadth — and depth — to deliver the latest in biomedical research through technology development.    

Our researchers have a rich legacy of collaboration with government agencies and industry partners that improve health outcomes and well-being around the world. SRI Biosciences projects range from high-impact, early-stage research to drug co-development with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.    

200+Research and technical staff(40% PhDs)

200+Biomedical products moved to clinical trials

11Partnerships with National Institutes of Health Divisions

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“Because we’re a nonprofit with a mission to make the world a better place, there’s a lot of flexibility in the types of projects we can pursue. We can do earlier stage research that may have higher impact without as much emphasis on the bottom line. And when we collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, it’s truly a co-development process—sharing expertise and innovating together.”

Kathlynn Brown, PhDPresident – Biosciences Division 

New ways of thinking about human health  

Uncommon in the world of tech development, SRI Biosciences brings together basic bioscience, applied research for early-stage IP generation, and translational development — moving the lab to the real world.   

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