Addressing your business needs with technology innovation

In the dynamic world of business and innovation, scientific R&D is a powerful tool for organizations — large and small — looking to gain a competitive edge. SRI provides organizations with access to world-renowned experts and multidisciplinary teams of experienced scientists and engineers who can conduct in-depth experiments, develop complex systems, and generate new discoveries that are tailored to meet specific business needs. 

Exploring the possibilities

You know your business and you understand your customers. To help you leverage innovative technology and services, SRI brings a broad portfolio of novel tech, decades of experience across fields, a long-standing history of providing value, and a deep culture of collaboration. This approach to combining science and collaboration has led to some of our most exciting R&D, technology, IP, spinouts, government work, and strategic partnerships. This continuous evolution keeps SRI at the cutting-edge of innovation and able to deliver the best capabilities to suit your needs across the technology landscape — from AI to biosciences to security to quantum. 

When you work with us, you benefit from SRI’s scientific creativity, entrepreneurialism, culture, market understanding, and knowledge to offer customers superior products and services. We become your dedicated research strategic partner, helping you solve complex problems and accelerate innovation. Whether you are managing early-stage exploration and validation, proof-of-concept and prototyping, or commercialization of existing technologies, our experienced team will work with you to find the right execution model. 

“Working with SRI helps deliver superior technology, mitigate risk, and understand costs involved to integrate and deliver advanced technology. The collaboration that takes place with our clients is very powerful.”

Peter Marcotulliovice president, commercial research and development

A flexible and scalable approach

Our flexible and scalable approach to research empowers all kinds of companies — from retail to automotive to pharmaceutical — to make deeply informed decisions, identify new opportunities, and navigate emerging trends to amplify internal research. SRI’s research as a service model offers a strategic advantage in today’s disruption-driven economy. 

SRI offers a broad and deep technology bench with systems that address specific needs for organizations, across dozens of verticals, all around the world.  

Our team of experts work with organizations to discover, workshop, develop, and transition technology solutions that address your needs.

SRI operates under two flexible business models — a collaborative research model, which involves development of new IP solutions for partners to commercialize, and a services model that does not involve new IP development.

Whether your organization is trying to understand how to apply AI to a financial application, deliver precision medicine, understand and build quantum systems from the ground up, advance highly accurate and safe automated driving technologies, or deliver sustainable solutions that make a difference, SRI has the deep expertise and technology to meet your business needs with proven technologies.   

Real-world impact

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