The Nomura-SRI
Innovation Center

Bridging the gap between Japan and Silicon Valley

At the Nomura-SRI Innovation Center (NSIC), corporate visionaries, industry leaders, and trailblazers unite to participate in transformative innovation programs. Our dynamic programs empower corporate innovators, executives, and talent development professionals, enriching their skills through experiential learning programs that span from several days to years.

NSIC’s world-class team has carefully designed innovation programs that align with your corporate vision and bolster your employees’ innovation capabilities. Participants will enter an immersive environment that provides the mindset shift needed to excel in corporate innovation and intrapreneurship.

About NSIC

In 2021, inspired by the opportunity to deeply connect Japan with Silicon Valley through innovation, SRl and Nomura Holdings converged to establish the Nomura–SRI Innovation Center. Today, our programs, environment, and innovation leadership help companies redefine the boundaries of corporate innovation.

The NSIC community is a testament to the diverse landscape of Japanese industries. From manufacturing titans to financial powerhouses, our members form a dynamic ecosystem for cross-industry collaboration. It’s within this rich environment that unexpected synergies emerge.

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Our programs

Begin your innovation journey today

Are you ready to reshape your industry, pioneer change, and propel your corporation into uncharted innovation territory? Join us at the Nomura-SRI Innovation Center and rewrite the future of your corporate innovation. 

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NSIC Webinar, June 2021

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Nomura-SRI Innovation Center Overview

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