Innovating for economic growth

The Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy (CISP) collaborates with federal agencies, R&D institutions, regions, and countries to achieve long-term economic and social impact through effective investments in science, technology, and innovation. 

Staffed with experienced professionals with diverse, interdisciplinary skills, the Center delivers creative and custom services in the following areas: science and technology program development and support; technology-based economic and workforce development strategies; innovation ecosystem assessment; complex program evaluation; innovation training to build internal capacity; and advanced analytics using AI and machine learning.

Real-world impact

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  • Carbon Dioxide Removal Workshop

    Carbon Dioxide Removal Workshop

    SRI International and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory are hosting a Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Innovation Workshop

  • SRI research shows how Nevada can spearhead the clean energy transition

    SRI research shows how Nevada can spearhead the clean energy transition

    An economic strategy roadmap crafted by SRI experts and state officials capitalizes on Nevada’s unique lithium supply chain.

  • SRI looks at how Wisconsin can revitalize its auto manufacturing industry

    SRI looks at how Wisconsin can revitalize its auto manufacturing industry

    SRI’s Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy shows how the state can achieve a thriving electronic vehicle manufacturing hub.

Practice areas

Policy and program development to enhance regional technology-based innovation capability and workforce skills​.

Strategic planning and innovation training for institutions that fund and manage internal or external innovation​.

 Analysis of high-demand occupations and opportunities for the skilled technical workforce, identification of career pathways and skills with the greatest transferability to new occupations, and assessment of strengths and gaps in educational and training programs.

Use of qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate and improve policy and program performance​.

Management support for government S&T and innovation programs.

Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the course, direction, and impact of R&D

Some of our innovators

Claire Lecornu headshot

“SRI is one of the precious few organizations with deep expertise in innovation strategy and policy. It’s a pleasure to work with colleagues who have the same baseline understanding that innovation is as much a social phenomenon as a technological one, shaping our tools to share meaning and to explore and build.”

Claire Lecornu Senior Research Analyst, Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy

SRI Consulting®

CISP works with SRI Consulting to provide training and consulting services to help clients build entrepreneurship and innovation.

We help public and private sector organizations solve pressing management and strategy problems related to innovation and technology commercialization

We help clients assess long-term financial impacts of planned investment in programs and institutions of science and technology development.

We assist clients in identifying areas for research and development, assessing intellectual property, mapping the technology landscape and determining applications for new technology.