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When you’ve led research and innovation for close to 80 years, it’s no longer work; it’s part of who you are.

At SRI, we’re part problem solver, part tech maverick. We’re always diving deeper and collaborating further to pioneer world-changing solutions for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future.

Research, always applied

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See how everyday exploration delivers in the real world.

“Achievements like the first malaria medicine and key cancer-fighting drugs continue to power our passion to lead world-renowned research programs in sleep, addiction, menopause, treatment delivery, and other pressing concerns in our world today.”

Kathlynn BrownPresident, SRI Biosciences

How we work

SRI’s divisions and researchers work cross-functionally because we know that groundbreaking research and transformative solutions come to light when people come together to look at problems from new angles and perspectives.


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