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When you’ve led research and innovation for close to 80 years, it’s no longer work; it’s part of who you are. At SRI, we’re part problem solver, part tech maverick. We’re always diving deeper and collaborating further to pioneer world-changing solutions for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future.

Research, always applied

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See how everyday exploration delivers in the real world.

“Achievements like the first malaria medicine and key cancer-fighting drugs continue to power our passion to lead world-renowned research programs in sleep, addiction, menopause, treatment delivery, and other pressing concerns in our world today.”

Kathlynn BrownPresident, SRI Biosciences

How we work

SRI’s divisions and researchers work cross-functionally because we know that groundbreaking research and transformative solutions come to light when people come together to look at problems from new angles and perspectives.

SRI’s Advanced Technology and Systems division is known for work in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. We’re at the leading edge of human-machine interaction, sensing, and other applied technologies that are turning data into usable knowledge.  

SRI also leads the government-supported Quantum Economic Development Consortium, an initiative designed to grow and advance the quickly evolving quantum industry.  

We develop transformative approaches and platforms for challenging therapeutic problems. We conduct basic and translational research, and have the breadth — and depth — to deliver the latest in biomedical research through technology development.  

Our researchers have a rich legacy of collaboration with government agencies and industry partners that improve health outcomes and well-being around the world. Our projects range from high-impact, early-stage research to drug co-development with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 

Our team conducts high-quality research, builds capacity through technical assistance, and develops tech-supported innovations that improve teaching and accelerate and deepen learning. We integrate our expertise in education issues, student populations, and research methods to produce equity-focused and evidence-based insights.   

For more than 50 years, SRI’s Education division has been a leader in helping strategic partners find out what works, for whom, how, and why. We collaborate with federal, state, foundation, nonprofit, and commercial partners to improve teaching, education policies, and student learning. Our goal: to reduce barriers and optimize outcomes for students of all ages; abilities; and racial, cultural, linguistic, and geographic backgrounds.   

The Future Concepts division puts a premium on developing integrated concepts for complex problems and driving and catalyzing collaboration across SRI. Its labs focus on basic research and real-world applications by creating and maturing breakthrough technologies.    

SRI Information and Computing Sciences is taking on some of the world’s most important challenges, creating leading-edge technology solutions that have revolutionary impact.   

Our researchers are redefining the way human beings interact with machines and with one another through machines as we define what’s next in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computing for the real world.

SRI’s Integrated Systems and Solutions division designs leading-edge R&D technologies that power the systems end users depend on every day. From proof-of-concept to execution in the real world, we provide our customers the keys to achieve their objectives. Our goal: To uncover and deliver on profound possibilities for a smarter, safer, and more sustainable world.  


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