Shaping the future of computing to benefit society  

SRI Information & Computing Sciences is taking on some of the world’s most important challenges, creating leading-edge technology solutions that have revolutionary impact.   

Our researchers are redefining the way human beings interact with machines and with one another through machines, as we define what’s next in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computing for the real world.

200+Research and technical staff, including 55% PhDs

$100 M+Annual research funding

$1 Billion+Created via spinoffs

“One of the things people value about SRI is the breadth of possibility. We work with other SRI teams and groups outside of SRI on a broad set of technological challenges, giving our researchers a wide range of opportunities to have real and meaningful impact on the world.”

Bill MarkPresident, Information and Computing Sciences Division
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The future of how humans meet machines  

Our research brings commercial, government, corporate, and startup customers depth of knowledge and new solutions in AI, bioinformatics, cybersecurity, privacy, and reliable system design. We’re pushing the boundaries of machine learning, including neurosymbolic approaches and AI at the edge. As we increasingly rely on AI models, autonomous systems, and the digital world, this research is taking on greater urgency and importance. We’re applying our research to making the Internet and social media more transparent, including the worldwide problem of identifying fake information.

SRI has pioneered transformative machine vision innovations. And today we’re exploring the next frontiers of virtual and augmented reality — not just talking to our computers but seeing the world through them. We also do fundamental work in speech, assessing speaker characteristics like identity and level of engagement, and understanding the nuances of spoken conversation.  

Find out about our labs

At SRI, we have the opportunity — and responsibility — to impact the world through our research. We not only influence the world through publication, but our four laboratories also have definitive impact on society by bringing our discoveries into the real world.  

  • Human language technologies  
  • Machine learning  
  • Explainable AI
  • Planning, scheduling, and autonomy     
  • Bioinformatics  

  • Speech and audio analytics   
  • Conversational intelligence  
  • Speech recognition  
  • Machine translation  
  • Text-to-speech  

  • Computational sensing and low power processing   
  • 2D-3D reasoning and augmented reality   
  • Collaborative human-robot autonomy   
  • Human behavior modeling   
  • Multimodal data analytics   
  • Machine learning  
  • AI at the edge

  • Cloud and cyber-physical system security  
  • High-assurance systems  
  • Infrastructure resilience  
  • Computational biology  
  • Collaborative interfaces for human-machine teams 

Real-world impact

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