An independent nonprofit R&D institute with deep roots in Silicon Valley

With a nearly 80-year legacy of innovation across a range of industries, our technologies, research, and ideas have had a meaningful impact on every one of our lives — at home, at work, at school, and at play.    

Our diverse teams, working in locations from coast-to-coast and in Tokyo, collaborate across fields and disciplines, taking an integrated approach to addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges.

From AI and technology in education to biomedicine and robotics, we have created new industries, billions of dollars in market value, and lasting benefits to society.  

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“I invite you to learn more about SRI — about our extraordinary history, the values we bring to our work each day, and all we are doing today to build a better future.”

David Parekh Chief Executive Officer

13,000+ Patents filed

50+ Spin-off companies

500+ R&D projects per year

Real-world impact

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From ideas to applications

Founded in 1946 as Stanford Research Institute, and independent since 1970, we acquired Sarnoff Corp. (formerly RCA Labs) in 1987 and the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in 2023. Today, our 1,500 researchers and professional staff work with government and commercial customers and collaborators to solve some of the world’s hardest problems.

As a key part of our mission, we emphasize the transition of our solutions to impactful commercial use. We work alongside companies, governments, nonprofits, and foundations to bring emerging technologies, ideas, research, and innovations to the market, to ensure they get to the people and communities that will benefit from them.

Most important, we invest in the future. Revenue from our R&D projects, commercialization activities, and marketplace solutions are invested in enhancing SRI capabilities, facilities, and staff to advance our mission and meet the needs of tomorrow. 

We believe in …   

At SRI, you’d be part of a close-knit community that inspires, motivates, and supports one another to do their very best work. Learn more about the values we bring to work each and every day.