Data-informed insights for better teaching and learning

Our team conducts high-quality research, builds capacity through technical assistance, and develops tech-supported innovations that improve teaching and accelerate and deepen learning. We integrate our expertise in education issues, student populations, and research methods to produce equity-focused and evidence-based insights.   

For more than 50 years, SRI Education has been a leader in helping strategic partners find out what works, for whom, how, and why. We collaborate with federal, state, foundation, nonprofit, and commercial partners to improve teaching, education policies, and student learning. Our goal: to reduce barriers and optimize outcomes for students of all ages; abilities; and racial, cultural, linguistic, and geographic backgrounds.   

160+ Researchers, technical assistance specialists, and other team members  

110+ Projects

$43MAnnual revenue

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“In addition to our expertise, we are good partners who spend the time to understand the needs of our clients and build relationships with the teachers and communities we support, so our findings and services are relevant and impactful.”

Shari GolanPresident, SRI Education Division 

Our services

We discover and test the impact of policies, programs, and interventions through early-stage implementation research, case studies, survey research, policy analysis, extant data analysis, learning analytics, and large-scale experimental and quasi-experimental studies.   

We support sustainable improvement of national, state, and local education efforts through data-driven decision-making, evidence-based practices, professional development events, and tailored coaching.   

We design, develop, and validate innovative teaching and learning tools, curricula, assessments, and automated data collection and analysis. We use gold-standard methods such as evidence-centered design and Universal Design for Learning and leverage SRI technologies such as artificial intelligence, speech recognition, video-based analytics, and multi-sensing behavior analytics.  

Real-world impact

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Our program areas

Our experts help education agencies, philanthropic organizations, and commercial clients find evidence-based solutions to pressing educational issues in culturally appropriate, equity-centered, and contextually meaningful ways. 

We strengthen equitable pathways to college and careers with evaluation and technical assistance in five primary areas: secondary to postsecondary transitions; career and technical education; STEM and computer science preparation; higher education partnerships supporting college access; and cross-sector partnerships strengthening workforce development.  

We study how educators can use technology to increase equity and accessibility of high-quality learning opportunities. Our large-scale, multisite evaluations investigate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of online and blended learning programs.  

SRI Education works to reduce educational barriers for students with learning and attention issues. We evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, conduct longitudinal population studies, and develop technology applications based on Universal Design for Learning principles. Our expertise spans disability categories and age ranges, linguistic backgrounds, and content areas including STEM and literacy.    

SRI Education’s nationally recognized experts study the practices and systems that nurture young children’s learning and development. Together with organizations serving young children and their families, our researchers and technical assistance specialists conduct groundbreaking research and support high-quality early learning programs.     

SRI Education works to improve how students learn to read and write, particularly for early learners and students in special populations. Our researchers study and evaluate instruction; develop and validate literacy assessments; and support online learning. We have a strong focus on teacher development and supporting multilingual learners, students with disabilities, and adults with low literacy.  

SRI Education helps educators and policymakers eliminate barriers and transform the quality of multilingual learners’ educational experiences. Through research and technical assistance, we identify equitable policies at the district, school, and classroom levels that shape the day-to-day experiences of multilingual learners, their families, and their teachers. We also promote effective, culturally responsive teaching practices that ensure access to high-quality instruction and learning opportunities.  

SRI Education collaborates with key stakeholders to create meaningful and sustainable changes in the education system. Our work includes rigorous mixed-methods studies of the implementation and impacts of school district reform efforts; charter school replication and expansion; and federal programs that serve special student populations.  

SRI Education is at the forefront of integrated STEM and computer science (CS) education from preschool through 12th grade. We develop and evaluate innovative instructional materials and assessments; design and study professional development initiatives; and research STEM and CS learning in and out of school.   

SRI Education promotes and evaluates evidence-based approaches to support all students’ positive behavior, mental health, and well-being.  

SRI Education studies what makes teaching effective and how policies can ensure students have equitable access to high-quality teaching. We have led more than a dozen rigorous, large-scale randomized controlled trials of teacher coaching and professional development programs. Our work focuses on teacher preparation, educator professional development, and human capital management systems.