Author: Dayne Freitag

  • WebWatcher: Knowledge Navigation in the World Wide Web

    We describe a learning apprentice system, called WebWatcher, which both performs the kind of indexing used by Web catalogers like Lycos, and attempts to exploit the two sources of knowledge listed above.

  • WebWatcher: Machine Learning and Hypertext

    This paper describes the first implementation of WebWatcher, a Learning Apprentice for the World Wide Web.

  • Experience with a Learning Personal Assistant

    Personal software assistants that help users with tasks like finding information, scheduling calendars, or managing workflow will require significant customization.

  • Greedy Attribute Selection

    We examine five greedy hillclimbing procedures that search for attribute sets that generalize well with ID3/C4.5. Experiments suggest hillclimbing in attribute space can yield substantial improvements in generalization performance.