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Dilara Yüksel

Postdoctoral Fellow SRI International, Human Sleep Research Program

Dilara Yüksel, Ph.D., joined SRI International in 2018 as a post-doctoral fellow, principally working on a study about Sleep and Cardiovascular Health in clinical and non-clinical adolescent populations. She is currently focused on investigating the influence of pre-sleep arousal on neurophysiological processes during sleep in adolescents with and without insomnia disorder. Yüksel has a background in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology. She was working on multicenter projects in psychiatric inpatients to identify neurobiological correlates of mental disorders as well as genetic and brain functional/structural biomarkers of psychiatric [especially affective] disorders. 

Yüksel obtained a MSc in Psychology from University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany in 2013 and a PhD in Medical Sciences (Clinical Neuroscience) from Philipps University Marburg, Germany in 2018. 

View Yüksel’s publications on Research Gate.

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