Orsolya Kiss

Research Scientist, Human Sleep Research Program

Orsolya Kiss’s, Ph.D. background is in psychology and computer science. Her research lies in the intersection of data science and neuroscience with a strong focus on extracting key insights from large-scale biomedical datasets. She contributed to the field of social cognition within the context of developmental and comparative behavioral research, and more recently she is interested in sleep behavior and adolescent health. 

She joined SRI International in 2020 as a postdoctoral fellow. Her current research focusses on brain maturation processes reflected in sleep patterns, the impact of alcohol use on the developing brain, how sleep behavior and social connectedness impact the youth mental health, the relationship between screen time and sleep difficulties, and the relationship between metabolic health, menstrual cycle, and sleep in adolescent girls.

She is also passionate about machine learning and algorithm development and analyzes large datasets combining interpretable machine learning techniques, statistical analysis and signal processing on physiological, behavioral, and self-reported data, to better understand human health and disease. 

As part of this work, she is mentoring graduate students and has been engaged in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study, where she contributes to ABCD consortium data review and science activities. Dr. Kiss is also a member of the ABCD Novel Technologies Workgroup. 

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