What Are Children Watching – and Learning – Online?

Young children now spend a significant portion of their screen time on streaming platforms like YouTube, where 500 hours of new content is uploaded every minute.

With such a sprawling catalog, it can be difficult for parents, teachers, and researchers to understand just what children are watching and how it might affect them.

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Children’s media researcher Claire Christensen joins host Kori Hamilton Biagas on The SRI Homeroom podcast to discuss APPROVE, an AI-powered tool designed to help teachers and parents identify valuable educational videos online. They discuss APPROVE’s development and its potential applications for families hoping to make the most of their children’s screen time.

Learn more about APPROVE, or Assisting Parents to Review Online Videos for Education.

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Claire Christensen is a Senior Education Researcher with SRI Education. Learn more about Claire’s work. Connect with Claire on her LinkedIn page.

Kori Hamilton Biagas serves as Communications Program Manager with SRI Education. Learn more about Kori’s work and connect with her.

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