Evaluation of the Impact and Implementation of Classwide Function-related Intervention Team (CW-FIT) in Elementary Schools

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SRI researchers will evaluate the impact and implementation of the Classwide Function-related Intervention Teams (CW-FIT) program among elementary students in partnership with the University of Kansas and Saint Mary’s College. SRI is serving as the independent evaluator to examine the impacts of strategies to scale CW-FIT on student engagement, academic achievement, and teachers’ use of praise and positive support, as well as the extent to which CW-FIT is implemented with fidelity.

Study Purpose

SRI’s study of Classwide Function-related Intervention Teams (CW-FIT), funded by an Education Innovation and Research (EIR) grant from the U.S. Department of Education, and conducted in partnership with the University of Kansas and Saint Mary’s College, will evaluate the impacts and implementation of CW-FIT in elementary schools. CW-FIT is a classroom intervention program that engages students, reduces disruptive behaviors, and improves teachers’ ability to teach more, thus the slogan “More Time to Teach, More Time to Learn.” SRI researchers are conducting an independent evaluation of CW-FIT to examine the impacts of strategies to scale and sustain CW-FIT on student and classroom outcomes. This study will contribute to the knowledge base of the effects of CW-FIT, an evidence-based program, on students’ academic engagement and achievement and teachers’ classroom management among students and teachers in grade 1–5 classrooms. Moreover, this study will shed light on the extent to which teachers and coaches can successfully implement CW-FIT when district-hired coaches train and support teachers’ implementation.   

Evaluation of CW-FIT

SRI researchers will conduct a randomized controlled trial (RCT) in two states over 3 school years. The institute will conduct classroom observations to understand student engagement, teachers’ classroom management, and teachers’ feedback to students; collect standardized test scores to understand student academic achievement; and gather coaching records to understand implementation of CW-FIT. In addition to estimating the impacts of CW-FIT, SRI International’s analyses will examine the extent to which teachers and coaches implement CW-FIT with fidelity as well as the facilitators of and barriers to successfully scale and sustain CW-FIT in elementary schools.

Associated team members

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