Ready to Learn Initiative

SRI and its partner are building on a groundbreaking scientific study of how public media materials can help low-income preschoolers develop key early literacy, math, and science skills.

Since 2006, SRI and the Education Development Center have been measuring the impact of the U.S. Department of Education’s Ready To Learn transmedia program on young children’s literacy, math, and science skills. Researchers are conducting a series of descriptive and experimental studies to chart the program’s implementation, identify strengths, and provide information to support continuous improvement. 

The Ready To Learn Initiative is producing and distributing children’s digital media content—videos, games, apps, and hands-on activities—to improve the literacy, math, and science skills of economically disadvantaged children. By developing and deploying educational media products that are aligned with rigorous academic frameworks and scientifically based research, Ready To Learn partners hope to provide powerful learning experiences that take place across televisions, computers, tablets, smartphones, and other platforms, providing children with many opportunities to learn. 

Led by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), this effort uses community-based implementation to support the vital work of families, teachers, and educators in serving children aged 2–8 through their preschool and afterschool programs. 

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