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Upcoming events

June 3-6 2024

SRI at BIO International Conference

SRI is attending the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s BIO 2024 Conference June 3-6. We’ll discuss several of our key platforms and services — including our proprietary platform, FOX Three, for targeted intracellular delivery of biotherapeutics. If you’re attending the conference, please connect with us via the partnering portal link below.

June 11 2024

International Conference of the Learning Sciences National Meeting

“Exploring the Nexus of Gaming Frequency and CS Interest and Self-Efficacy: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial of Scalable Game Design’s Impact in Elementary Schools,” presented by SRI’s Arif Rachmatullah, Carol Tate, Andrea Beesley, and Hannah Kumbroch.

June 13 2024

International Conference of the Learning Sciences National Meeting

“Challenging the Logic of Education Policy Design: A Complex Systems Study of Afterschool Continuous Quality Improvement,” presented by SRI’s Patrik Lundh and Andrea Beesley.

June 24 2024

2024 National Research Conference on Early Childhood

7:45 am to 9:15 pm PT

  • “Strategies to Mitigate Impacts of Trauma Through Early Care and Education,” presented by SRI’s Kirby Chow.
  • “Opportunities and Challenges in the Use of Video in Early Childhood Classroom Quality Observations,” presented by SRI’s Gullnar Syed, Anne Partika, Todd Grindal, Sarah Gerard, and Morgan Solender.
  • “Exclusionary Practices in Early Childhood: Teacher Beliefs and Experiences,” presented by SRI’s Christen Park.

12:15 to 2:15pm PT

  • “Barriers and Facilitators of Early Identification of Delays and Disabilities: Family, Child Care, Medical, and Community Perspectives,” presented by SRI’s Margaret Gilles and Mary Lee Porterfield.
  • “Child Care Provider Perspectives on Collaboration with Districts to Support Inclusion of Preschoolers with Disabilities,” presented by SRI’s Margaret Gilles.

June 24 2024

The International Society for Technology in Education Live Conference

“LEARN How Evidence Informs School and District Procurement Practices,” presented by SRI’s Jessica Mislevy, Ela Joshi, Erin Smith, and Keena Walters.

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