Fiber Optic Sensing Systems

Low-cost, compact sensing systems and customized algorithms for high-res monitoring of fiber optic sensors in harsh environments.

Many critical fielded assets need embedded sensing systems for direct high-resolution, real-time monitoring of their health and condition. The challenge is that many such assets are in space-constrained harsh environments. The reliability requirements, weight and cost constraints for such systems to be field deployable at scale are very demanding. Fiber optic sensors offer a promising solution in this regard, but currently, their widespread adoption for fielded asset monitoring is limited by the high cost, resolution, channel count, and size of the optical readouts and processing systems to interpret their signals.

We have developed breakthrough low-cost, compact sensing systems and customized algorithms for high-resolution monitoring of 100s to 1000s of multiplexed fiber optic sensors embedded in harsh environment fielded systems. The technology has been demonstrated in demanding energy and infrastructure systems in collaboration with industry leaders. We led this technology’s application for electric vehicle battery systems under the ARPA-E AMPED program, in collaboration with LG Chem and General Motors.


How the Technology Works

Multiplexed fiber optic sensors embedded within the systems measure parameters indicative of asset state online, such as strain, temperature, vibrations/acoustic emission, and gas evolution. These are monitored by our low-cost, compact wavelength-shift detection technology, which is significantly smaller and less expensive than today’s commercially available optical read-out units, while retaining excellent sensitivity (<50 fm, equivalent to 5 mK of temperature resolution) and being able to scale up to 1000s of multiplexed sensors or monitor at frequencies up to 1 MHz.

Combining this with our MOXI IIoT System Analytics technology suite, the result is unprecedented accuracy in asset monitoring. This enables effective real-time performance management, optimized asset design, and improved safety.

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