Hyperspectral Imaging Technology

Enabling ubiquitous hyperspectral imaging

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) refers to the ability to acquire a full optical spectrum at each point in an image. Whereas a color camera can only capture the intensity of incoming light in one of three colors—red, green, and blue—a hyperspectral camera also captures the wavelengths of the light reflected from each point in a scene. Therefore, the move from color to full hyperspectral imaging yields exponentially more information, with tremendous value potential for myriad applications


  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • Security & defense
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Consumer smartphones

How the technology works

We are actively working to enable the hyperspectral imaging ecosystem with our hyperspectral imaging technology, which is the only such technology with the size, weight, cost, and performance suitable for mass-market adoption. Based on an elegant reversal of the operating principle of a liquid-crystal display, our technology relies on a liquid-crystal layer about as thick as a human hair to encode hyperspectral information. It can therefore be integrated anywhere image sensors are currently used, including on smartphones.

We have a separate hyperspectral imaging technology, with the same benefits as the above, suitable for systems in constant linear motion, such as fixed-wing drones, nanosatellites, and conveyor inspection systems.

Contact us today to discuss how our hyperspectral imaging technology can be used in your application. We can develop a custom project, and we also offer our technology for licensing. Finally, we can refer you to our partner to purchase off-the-shelf cameras integrating our technology for evaluation in your application.

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