Optoelectronic Devices

With emphasis on Group III-Nitride (InGaAlN) semiconductors, we provide expertise, IP, and cleanroom services enabling optoelectronic device development.

Our work in Optoelectronic Devices offers our partners the benefit of our deep understanding of the physics and material science behind Group III-Nitride (InGaAlN) semiconductors, which is foundational to our extensive experience in the design, growth, fabrication, and testing of nitride optical emitters and our strong record of device innovation.

Our research focuses on the identification of materials and device issues, alongside the invention of solutions, reduction to practice, demonstration of prototypes, and capture of intellectual property – as is demonstrated in our technical publications and awarded patents. We provide expertise, resources, and IP to clients seeking to commercialize products based on differentiated, market-destabilizing technology.

Since the introduction of our GaN MOCVD crystal-growth facility in 1994, we have been a leader in identifying and demonstrating novel ways of realizing the superior performance of nitride optical emitters. More recently, our scientists have pioneered the development of LEDs and lasers in the UV spectral range, with world-record-breaking device performances.

Our experience, resources, and knowledge make it possible for us to innovate and improve the performance of solid-state lighting and displays, and other closely related technologies, as well as to deliver high-performance visible and UV lasers for companies worldwide.

Optoelectronics Cleanroom and Resource Services

We have fully developed processes to design and fabricate a wide variety of active optoelectronic devices. Our facilities support sponsored R&D and product development for clients to prototype novel optical sources and systems that are transferable to manufacturers.

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