In a time of skilled labor shortages and increasing global competition, SRI’s technologies and expertise help you reduce costs and maximize worker productivity. From job site through supply chain, our solutions improve operational efficiency today while laying the groundwork for innovative business models in the future.


Safe, highly productive job sites—with or without humans

SRI customizes leading-edge technologies to extend and enhance capabilities of human workers and push the boundaries of unmanned operations. No matter what the conditions, we help you progress the relationship between humans and machines.

Our projects aim to streamline and automate processes to improve safety, maximize worker productivity and improve sustainability of job-site operations. For extreme environments, our emerging autonomous operation solutions are opening new arenas for unmanned robots where humans can’t or won’t go.

Data-driven equipment performance, revenue streams

SRI’s advanced sensors and actuators connect your equipment with other machines and computer networks to capture actionable data for analytics-driven insights.

Our AI technology optimizes equipment performance and extends lifespan while paving the way for new revenue models. We help you get the most from sensor data and integrated equipment to enable capabilities such as predictive performance management or condition-based maintenance.

Flexible manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Flexible manufacturing practices reduce costs and bring long-needed agility to heavy industry’s lengthy product development cycles. From digital twins to autonomous materials handling and AI, SRI’s helps you achieve key business objectives from product design and smart factories all the way through the supply chain.

Augmentation and automation

Develop safe, high-productivity job sites with next-generation computer vision, sensor and AI technologies that enhance workers’ capabilities with heavy equipment operation and extend product lifecycles.

  • Advanced optical and lidar systems for improved situational awareness
  • Sensor technologies including cameras, infrared sensors and sensor fusion
  • XR systems for training and maintenance-related tasks
  • Remote control and autonomy capabilities
  • Smart industrial robots
  • Advanced radar and vision
Data analytics

Create value for your business by capturing and capitalizing on data from sensors and integrated equipment. Improve equipment performance and develop potential new processes and revenue models including:

  • Real-time monitoring of equipment to determine maintenance needs
  • Enhancing production processes
  • Customizing asset optimization
  • Manufacturing sensors and enabling analytics
Smart factories and supply chains

SRI’s advanced robotics and AI technologies have been proven across a range of plants and emerging supply chain environments. Our technologies provide greater flexibility on smart assembly lines, enhance operations and deliver critical analytic insights.

  • Digital twins for use in product development, design and validation, and industrial automation
  • Adaptive manufacturing and advanced materials handling
  • Applied AI and sensors for assembly line efficiency and agility
  • Customized robotics and assembly for fine-grained tasks
  • AI-driven predictive analytics for shop floor logistics, supply chain management and logistics systems

Core technologies

At SRI, we understand the most ingenious solutions usually involve more than one area of expertise. Our teams are made up of leading researchers in their fields who work across disciplines to solve difficult problems. Together with you, we create solutions far beyond what’s available in the marketplace today.

Artificial Intelligence

Developing technologies and applied systems that solve problems, communicate with people in new ways, and interact with the physical world

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Vision Technology

Full spectrum of real-time, edge-based autonomous and augmented systems that push the frontiers of video and processing technologies

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Solving the toughest problems in state-of-the-art robotics from applied research through advanced prototypes and product development

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