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Fracture Analysis System: FRASTA

SRI’s Takao Kobayashi demonstrates the FRASTA system, circa 1980s

SRI’s novel Fracture-Surface Topography Analysis (FRASTA) system is one of the world’s best tools for studying the cause and time history of structural and material fractures.

FRASTA’s breakthrough technology analyzes fracture surfaces to determine how and why a structural failure occurred. In fact, the failure event can often be replayed from start to finish. FRASTA can be used to diagnose and predict fatigue failure in pipelines, aircraft, bridges, power plants, and other structures using 3D fractography.

SRI continues to extend 3D fracture surface analysis and develop faster, more efficient, and higher-resolution methods to quantify and interpret fracture surface topography.

SRI’s FRASTA technology has been licensed to NASA and to Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Osaka Gas Company and Chubu Electric Power Company.

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