SRI International’s Driver Monitoring System selected as winner of AutoTech Breakthroughs’s Auto Sensor Innovation of the Year award


SRI International is proud to announce that the Center for Vision Technologies Lab has been awarded the Auto Sensor Innovation of the Year award for our Driver Monitoring System from AutoTech Breakthrough.

AutoTech Breakthrough is part of the Tech Breakthrough Awards program, a premier awards and recognition platform founded to recognize artificial intelligence related technology innovators, leaders and visionaries from around the world. SRI’s Driver Monitoring System was selected out of a fierce competition of 1,250 nominations, joining top global companies in the win including GM, Lucid Motors, Qualcomm, REE, Smartdrive, Volta and more in the AutoTech industry.

SRI’s Driver Monitoring System (DMS) utilizes a suite of in-cabin infra-red and 3-dimensional cameras to monitor the driver’s eye movements, facial expressions and general body language to identify the driver’s emotional states and drowsiness levels in real-time. Most current systems rely solely on eye tracking and facial expression monitoring whereas SRI’s system also considers more holistic body language signals.

The goal of the system is to identify human conditions that might lead to accidents and allow the vehicle to take proactive steps to reduce those risks. The system also works to help alleviate risks as the driver engages in a conversation utilizing the vehicle’s conversation agent.

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