Patrick Lincoln: I often feel like work isn’t even work

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An SRI vice president and director of the Computer Science Lab explains why he’s spent much of his career at SRI: the people.

The reason I came to SRI was because of the people I met. There are just great people and I got to know them. We have intellectually stimulating discussions about technical topics that were deeply interesting, with an important problem they’re working on. The people I work with are driven by that kind of idea that they want to have an impact on the world. They are engaging in these intellectual conversations about ways to solve this important problem, and they are really good people.

I wanted to be part of that — it’s why I came to SRI. We have a mission. It promotes peace, prosperity, and the public good by creating world-changing solutions that help people be healthier, happier, and more productive. It’s a great mission. It’s a great reason to be at a place like SRI and it’s something that makes it fun and an interesting place to be.

It’s the kind of thing when I wake up every day, I want to go and work on things. That’s where I want to go to. It isn’t a drudgery to come into work.

It’s an exciting place to have an impact. The potential of working on a problem that could save lives, that could improve the world in a measurable way, and at the same time work on problems that I find intellectually stimulating — intellectually interesting to think about — with a potential for impact on a team that I find pleasant, to work around: just good people.

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