Comparison of 32 x 128 and 32 x 32 Geiger-Mode APD FPAs for Single Photon 3D LADAR Imaging


Mark A. Itzler, Mark Entwistle, Mark Owens, Ketan Patel, Xudong Jiang, Krystyna Slomkowski, Sabbir Rangwala, Peter F. Zalud, Tom Senko, John Tower, and Joseph Ferraro “Comparison of 32 x 128 and 32 x 32 Geiger-mode APD FPAs for single photon 3D LADAR imaging”, Proc. SPIE 8033, Advanced Photon Counting Techniques V, 80330G (12 May 2011);


We present results obtained from 3D imaging focal plane arrays (FPAs) employing planar-geometry InGaAsP/InP Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes (GmAPDs) with high-efficiency single photon sensitivity at 1.06 μm. We report results obtained for new 32 x 128 format FPAs with 50 μm pitch and compare these results to those obtained for 32 x 32 format FPAs with 100 μm pitch. We show excellent pixel-level yield-including 100% pixel operability-for both formats. The dark count rate (DCR) and photon detection efficiency (PDE) performance is found to be similar for both types of arrays, including the fundamental DCR vs. PDE tradeoff. The optical crosstalk due to photon emission induced by pixel-level avalanche detection events is found to be qualitatively similar for both formats, with some crosstalk metrics for the 32 x 128 format found to be moderately elevated relative to the 32 x 32 FPA results. Timing jitter measurements are also reported for the 32 x 128 FPAs.

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