Nomura-SRI Innovation Center will begin operations in July to accelerate adoption of emerging technologies among Japanese corporations


MENLO PARK, Calif.June 22, 2021: SRI International (SRI) and Nomura announced today that the Nomura-SRI Innovation Center (NSIC), located on SRI’s main campus in Menlo Park, Calif., will begin operations in July 2021.

For industry leading businesses, keeping ahead of emerging technologies is vital to continued global success and growth. As NSIC members, Japanese enterprises will be connected with pioneering R&D labs, university research teams, as well as Silicon Valley incubators and startups that are relevant to their industries and specific investments. NSIC will help members acquire and cultivate best practices for identifying and evaluating emerging technologies. It will enhance their adoption of next-generation innovation, allowing members to optimize the value of their technology investments.

SRI and Nomura welcome Harmonic Drive Systems Inc., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Obayashi Corporation and Shizuoka Bank Ltd. as charter members scheduled to participate in July.

“Here at NSIC, we’re excited to work with these market-leading companies to support their internal technology, research and innovation teams,” said Chris Cowart, managing director of NSIC. “Our charter members bring a spectrum of industry insights to NSIC’s Silicon Valley immersion program. We will be working closely with each member to share best practices, exclusive partner connections and tailored expertise relevant to their business goals for emerging technologies.”

“At Nomura, we know that technology investments are vital to the future growth of our clients and partners in Japan,” commented Neeraj Hora, head of innovation and investment at Nomura Holding America Inc. “Through NSIC and working together with SRI, we can support Japanese businesses – from major corporations to small start-ups – in gaining key strategic knowledge and experience that will encourage disruptive thinking and innovation.”

In addition to driving collaboration between Japanese enterprises and Silicon Valley innovators, NSIC will also encourage disruptive thinking for a range of business practices – delivered through hands-on workshops, guest lectures and bespoke content and experiences for members. These programs are focused on helping Japanese companies stay abreast of the latest technology breakthroughs that could shape the global corporate landscape.

The program will consist of four tracks designed to expose members to the full gamut of SRI’s innovation process and Nomura’s strategic business expertise:

  • Deep technology – exploring emerging technologies, analyzing emerging trends, evaluating market readiness and discussing applications for novel drone and robotics solutions, engineering design approaches, next-gen AI analytics, AR/VR, financial tech platforms and more.
  • Innovation process – activities focused on adopting innovative practices, case studies and tools, as well as engaging C-suite executives on the latest commercialization strategies and global market opportunities.
  • Startup community – networking events to introduce a curated list of startups and investors, spanning the engineering, manufacturing, construction, financial industries and more, to help members maximize the ecosystem’s value.
  • Silicon Valley immersion – leveraging the best assets of Silicon Valley to provide inspiration, mindset, tools and Capstone projects tailored to help each NSIC member learn to implement new innovation-focused capabilities and processes.

In Silicon Valley, where SRI has practiced innovation for 75 years, it is extremely valuable to have an environment where we can directly benefit from the framework, technology and collaboration NSIC offers for innovation creation,” commented Dr. Tamaki Horii, general manager at Obayashi Corporation.

In addition to ongoing joint research efforts with SRI, this NSIC program appears not only to enhance our relationship with SRI but also open up new venues for HDSI’s ultimate goal of Total Motion Control,” said Akira Nagai, president of Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

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