David M. Johnson

Senior Manager/ Associate Director, Hardware Technology and Research Lab

David M. Johnson leads the Mechanical and Fluid Systems group. The group is a diverse group of people working in areas such as spray systems, aerosols, chemical engineering, chemistry, ink formulation, material science, manufacturing systems, and additive manufacturing. He is particularly interested in the processing of complex fluids, scalable novel manufacturing platforms, aerosol and particle manipulation, and fluid/field interactions.

David has worked on a diverse set of technologies across the TRL spectrum, inventing key technologies from scratch and leading efforts to transition technologies to commercial partners. David also worked in industry designing fluid dispensing systems (Rainin/Metler Toledo), high-volume manufacturing systems, and water pumps (Pentair Water).

He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and has filed 40 patents and is a co-inventor on an additional 51 patents.

Key Technologies

  • Spray systems & aerosol
  • Non-newtonian fluids
  • Drug delivery devices
  • 3D printing / additive manufacturing
  • Fluid / field / surface interactions
  • Inkjet printing (particularly printheads)
  • High volume manufacturing (injection molding in particular)

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