David S. Flamm

Technical Director, Computer Science Laboratory, Information and Computing Sciences

David S. Flamm, Ph.D., is a Technical Director in the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI, managing the Control and Signal Processing Program, and managing and contributing technical work on several U.S. government projects.

Previously, Flamm was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University, and before that, Manager of the Space Structure Control Section at The Aerospace Corporation. His Ph.D. is from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Flamm’s experience and expertise include design, analysis, and research in robust control systems, extended Kalman filtering, control of digital multi-rate and hybrid systems, optimization, multiscale processing for control of very large transducer networks, digital simulation, numerical algorithms, modeling and system identification, distributed parameter dynamical systems, and other applications of mathematical systems theory. At SRI, work that he has supervised, led, or managed includes: research projects on cybersecurity, machine translation of human language, multidisciplinary design optimization, biomolecular microsystems, smart materials, electric power networks, thermal-to-electrical energy conversion, acoustic and electromagnetic noise control, and biochemical reaction networks.

He has also made significant research contributions to other projects involving trace gas estimation from spectroscopy data, signal processing for DNA microarrays, and image processing algorithms.