Jaehyeon Park

Research Associate, Webb Laboratory, Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry

Jaehyeon Park is a medicinal chemist, who focuses on structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies—the connections between molecules’ chemical structures and their biological activities—to develop more practical, efficient synthetic routes for anticancer drug delivery.

He has made numerous important contributions by designing new synthetic targets based on his SAR studies, and found solutions for synthetic difficulties encountered by his project teams. 

As a medicinal chemist at Roche Palo Alto and later at Amgen, Park worked on projects related to a variety of drug targets, including inhibitors of several kinases related to rheumatoid arthritis, Hepatitis C virus NS5B polymerase inhibitors, and glucokinase (GKa) activators. 

Park received a B.S. degree in chemistry and an M.S. degree in organic chemistry from Seoul National University. He received a second M.S. in organic chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh.

He is co-author on four technical papers and co-inventor of three patents.

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