Ken Wingerden

Director, Center for Software Engineering, Integrated Systems and Solutions

Ken Wingerden is the Director of the Center for Software Engineering in the Integrated Systems and Solutions Division. He has over 30 years of software and systems engineering experience; is very knowledgeable in all phases of modern (and Agile) Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC), from inception, to construction, to transition; has extensive experience in designing and implementing cost-effective solutions that meet the challenging requirements of the scientific research community, SRI corporate interests, and government policies and regulations; and has experience leading cross-disciplinary teams to arrive at solutions that meet both internal and external customer needs.

Ken’s current technical interests include the automated provisioning of cloud infrastructure (DevOps) along with the integration with key software service providers to provide customized, affordable, scalable, reliable, and secure solutions.

Prior to joining SRI, Ken worked at various organizations, such as TransUnion, where he helped engineer one of the first scalable, direct-to-consumer, online credit reporting services in the US and Canada, which now serves millions of customers per month.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science (mathematics) from Santa Clara University.