Mark Mitchell

Mark P Mitchell headshot
 Technologist-in-residence, SRI Ventures

Mark Mitchell is a Venture Partner at SRI Ventures. Mark enjoys spinning out new companies leveraging SRI research, finding synergistic opportunities between SRI’s technology and start-ups and assisting SRI’s portfolio companies after investment. He also works in the Computer Science Lab as a researcher. 

Mark is an experienced operator and investor. After earning computer science degrees from Harvard and Stanford, he founded and lead CodeSourcery, a software development tools company, from inception to exit. The company was acquired by Mentor Graphics where Mark took a role as a General Manager in the Embedded Software Division. While at Mentor Graphics, Mark was responsible for an engineering team with offices in the US, Europe, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan and Russia. He lead product marketing, engineering and collaborated with the sales team to develop Mentor Graphics’ open-source software business, with a particular focus on the automotive industry. Mark championed acquisitions and integrated additional businesses. After leaving Mentor Graphics, he joined Sand Hill Angels and has invested in dozens of start-ups. 

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