Sachin Grover

Research Scientist/ Advanced Computer Scientist, Intelligent Systems Lab, Future Concepts Division

Sachin Grover is a Research Scientist/Advanced Computer Scientist at Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL) and a member of Knowledge management area in the Future Concepts Division at SRI. His research interests are automated task planning, multi-agent systems, systems modeling for mixed (discrete/continuous) systems, neuro-symbolic methods. His current research involves extending automated planning techniques for real-world reasoning or with humans, knowledge representation for such systems, heuristic search for improved reasoning methods for real-world problems, and understanding limitations of neural methods to extend both symbolic and/ or neural methods towards real-world applications. He has authored over 20 publications and a patent. Dr. Grover received his Ph.D. from Arizona State University on Human Aware AI Methods for Active Teaming. He holds a master’s degree from Arizona State University, on the topic Online Embedded Assessment for Dragoon, Intelligent Tutoring System and a bachelors degree in technology from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India. Before starting his master’s at ASU, he was an e-commerce developer at Sapient Nitro (India, now Publisys Sapient) for three years.

Key technologies

  • Automated Task Planning & Scheduling
  • Human-Aware task planning techniques
  • Multi-agent systems for collaboration
  • Systems modeling & knowledge representation
  • Heuristic search
  • Real-world adaptation of planning techniques
  • Education technologies, Intelligent Tutoring System
  • Student model learning techniques through ITS

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