Shakuntala Mangru

System Test Engineer, Integrated Systems and Solutions

Shakuntala Mangru is a system test engineer in the Intelligent Systems group at SRI International. She conducts software and system tests to ensure customer deliveries perform flawlessly. She is involved at all stages of development to ensure quality is incorporated early to ensure a smooth final test and delivery process.

Mangru is intimately familiar with the TerraSight Product Suite. Previously, she spent several years working on the TerraSight Standard Ground Station (SGS) that ingested data from various devices including UAVs, fixed video sensors, radars, and other sensing devices, and displaying it on a single 3D Common Operating Picture (COP) for improved situational awareness. Currently she is working on testing video/image geocorrection algorithms using GPS data for improved image to world coordinate correspondence. This is an alternative to the current TerraSight video georegistration process.

Prior to joining SRI, Mangru worked as a research scientist at Sarnoff Corporation conducting pioneering research on the application of biochemical assays to novel microfluidic devices for use in various settings, including detection of bio warfare agents and drug discovery.

Mangru received her M.S. degree from the University of Alberta, and a B.S. degree from the University of Guyana. She has authored and co-authored one patent, several peer-reviewed publications, as well as poster presentations.

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