Tasbita Reham

Research Data Coordinator, SRI Education

Tasbita Reham works with data management and analysis. She has expertise in HTML programming and QuickBase pipelines; developing and maintaining database systems in SQL Server and QuickBase; collecting, cleaning, reporting, and analyzing data using STATA programming; and designing surveys using Qualtrics programming. She is also trained in class observations.

At SRI, Reham is the research data coordinator for multiple projects in which she uses programming to clean, report and analyze large-scale data. For other projects, she builds database systems for data collection and management, and programs surveys in Qualtrics. She also assists with data collection, report building, formatting, survey follow-ups and other tasks as needed.

Before joining SRI, Reham was the program coordinator in a K–12 school, working with databases, teaching-quality management and logistics. She was also a junior database administrator in a small firm in Virginia. As a lecturer at BRAC University in Bangladesh, Reham taught economics and mathematics courses.

Reham earned her MS in economics from University of Warwick, United Kingdom. She also holds a secondary MS in economics from United International University and a BS in economics from BRAC University, both in Bangladesh. She was the top graduate and gold medalist in her department at BRAC University.

Key projects

  • Evaluation of the New Teacher Center SEL EIR Grant
  • Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Appalachia
  • JHU-EIR Skills for Secondary Success (4S)
  • Evaluation of the Barr Foundation’s Engage New England Initiative
  • Transcend

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