SRI International receives contract on Ditto Project under DARPA AI Exploration Program


SRI International has been awarded a contract under the DARPA Ditto Project, which is a part of the Agency’s AI Exploration Program. The Ditto project seeks to use microelectronic system simulation to explore third-wave artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that incorporate real-world knowledge into modern machine learning (ML) functions and systems.

Ditto seeks to build an AI framework that can learn to intelligently generate effective surrogate models for different components of a complex system, maintain and communicate surrogate accuracy and coverage, and aggregate these models into a single design.

Under the Ditto project, SRI will apply its Deep Adaptive Semantic Logic (DASL) technology to speed up the verification process for integrated circuit (IC) design.

DASL’s unified reasoning and learning system provides unprecedented ability to engage with and train AI by combining formal knowledge with neural networks. This integration of bottom-up data-driven modeling with top-down knowledge-based reasoning maximizes productivity by accelerating machine learning and reducing data requirements. DASL has achieved state-of-the-art performance on image processing tasks using less than 4% of the data required by competing techniques.

SRI’s Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC) is collaborating with the Center for Vision Technologies (CVT), which has a rich history in circuit design. Working together, they will apply CVT’s test vectors and AIC’s DASL to expedite IC verification processes. Reducing the amount of data needed for learning and circuit emulation will allow circuit designers to identify errors and make corrections faster, accelerating and expediting the IC design process.

The program is currently in its first phase.

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