Enabling the Intelligence Enterprise to Empower Soldiers at the Forward Edge


Forward-deployed troops in the U.S. Army need access to targeting, reconnaissance, and surveillance information from the enterprise of networks—the Army’s integrated communications infrastructure. As emerging technologies produce ever more data, the challenge is to provide soldiers with the most relevant information as quickly as possible.

Troops at the forward edge—the front line—need real-time command information from enterprise data gathered from video, acoustic, biometric, radar, and chemical/biological sensors. Synchronizing these data is key to controlling an environment. To succeed, forward-deployed soldiers also need powerful intelligent processing systems that are small enough to be taken anywhere.

Force protection—saving lives—is the number one priority. Soldiers at the edge must adapt in unfamiliar environments where they are often the primary sensor. Their ability to collect, process, and disseminate information in real time is critical for mission effectiveness. Access to the intelligence they gather enables decisive action.

When soldiers efficiently use intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) information while sharing current knowledge about threat environments, they can quickly and safely control a situation.

At AUSA Winter Symposium & Exposition 2013, SRI will demonstrate solutions for efficiently sharing data throughout the Army’s enterprise of networks. These SRI products empower soldiers with situational awareness to better understand—and ultimately control—complex environments:

  • TerraSight video exploitation software and systems, which use full-motion video from air and ground sensors for situational understanding and targeting
  • Salience-Based Compression (SBC), a software application for handheld devices that delivers relevant, high-resolution, geo-registered video and data to the dismounted soldier over bandwidth-limited communication networks
  • Iris on the Move (IOM) indoor/outdoor biometric products, performing identity authentication and access control at a distance and on the move—eliminating the need for close contact iris scans

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