Iris Biometrics Goes Mainstream


Adoption of biometrics is on the rise—from large-scale outdoor installations for government and business to biometrics on consumer devices. Iris recognition, in particular, is moving from a niche component of high-end security systems to broader commercial and consumer applications. Technology advances in processing power, camera resolution, and illumination are making iris biometrics viable for a wide range of use cases.

Conventional identity verification methods—passwords, tokens, PINs, and badges—are not enough for today’s complex and multi-faceted security challenges. As the use of biometrics becomes mainstream, iris recognition offers a more accurate, stable, and hygienic identifier than approaches such as fingerprint and palm prints. For example, SRI’s iris systems offer convenient, touch-free access to identify a person in less than a second.

In 2014, SRI’s Iris on the Move® (IOM) systems were implemented in a wide variety of environments, including the entry points of a major government facility, multiple construction sites, and mission-critical data centers. IOM systems are currently in use across the Americas (North, Central, and South) and in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Our iris recognition products not only enable faster and more secure access, they make enterprise time-and-attendance operations more efficient, reliable, and protected against fraud.

Identity Authentication

The new IOM PassPort™ SL walk-through system was developed for high-throughput identity authentication in active environments such as airports. With a processing speed of 30 people per minute, it offers both transportation personnel and passengers a streamlined, less intrusive, and more efficient way to get through security checkpoints.

Access Control

Positive identity verification is essential for effective access control. This year, SRI certified its IOM N-Glance™ biometric system with AMAG Technology under the Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program to offer a well-defined interface for system integration. The N-Glance system integrates seamlessly with Symmetry v7.0.1 Security Management System access control software. The integration offers customers an efficient way to implement secure, convenient biometric access throughout a facility or campus.

SRI also entered into a reseller agreement with emaratech to expand the use of iris biometrics in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Oman. As a result of this strategic relationship, SRI’s IOM product line is under consideration in airport security, border patrol, and related security applications in those regions.

Looking Ahead

SRI is developing next-generation products that combine the ease-of-use and accuracy of iris with mobility and geo-location—bringing greater personalization to the Internet of Things. These emerging solutions harness SRI’s proven biometric capabilities to meet the growing demand for seamless and convenient identity solutions in markets such as transportation, connected home, time and attendance, and healthcare.

From new form factors and emerging applications to enhanced ease of use, IOM products will impact the way we authenticate identity to open doors, protect assets, and accomplish tasks in 2015 and beyond.

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